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SubProto Laser Cutter

Modified Chinese K40 laser

  • 35w CO2 laser tube
  • 2“ focus lens
  • water cooled with flow meter, temperature sensor, auto-exhaust, auto-air-assist (arduino-controlled via serial port)
  • converted to use TB6560 parallel-port stepper driver board
  • added end-stops and visible laser pointer for lining up workpiece

Vector cut/engrave/raster workflow

  • use Inkscape to create svg
  • use LaserWeb interface to preview gcode and send to TB6560 board
  • Consult sticky note for advised power settings, adjust as needed and document if you find something that works better. Don't forget to check whether or not the air compressor is on or off depending on what you're trying to do (air compressor should be on for cutting, and off for engraving).

Troubleshooting and Tips

  • If the laser isn't cutting on, check the door switch. There's a safety mechanism preventing the laser from firing if the door is open, and if the door doesn't close properly it won't engage the switch.
  • Make sure the laser button is on and the power dial is up. Use the laser test button to make sure it's firing.
  • It's better when engraving to remove masking, or else the masking will get burnt into the material.
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