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SubProto Hackerspace Asset List

MAME Arcade Cabinet
Classic Computers
Raybot (humanoid robot - debugging. Any interested roboticists/tinkerers inquire within)
SubProto GitHub Repo

Presentation Space:

   144" Screen
   Live Streaming & Recording Capability
   HiFi Microphone

3D Printers:

LulzBot TAZ 5

  Makerbot Cupcake (decommissioned)
  Printrbot Jr. (decommissioned)
  Mini Kossel (decommission)

Laser Cutter (Chinese K40 with Smoothieboard/LinuxCNC interface)
CNC Mill (OpenBuilds Ox)

Thermoforming Heater + Vacuum Table
Band Saw
Belt Sander
Table Saw
Variable Drill Press
Bench Grinder
MIG Welder
Drawbot (Makelangelo)
CNC Embroidery Machine (work in progress)

The following equipment is available for use courtesy of Splyse:
Zeny 50amp Plasma Cutter

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